Life improved is a journey we are taking together. Like most journeys, we will get lost, and probably get annoyed with each other, but hopefully in the end we will get to where we want to go. The goal of this site is to look at the whole picture: Your Financial Health, Your Personal Health, and Your Creative Health.  As I go through my own journey to achieve balance in the above, I aim to share my experiences with you and will encourage you to share your experiences with me. Some projects I have already experimented with and experienced, but as you will see, most projects on here will start with an intention and take several chapters to culminate.  Some, like family’s quest for financial independence will last for decades. Others, like making a holiday gift tags, are complete in an hour.  It is my hope that you will enjoy all the stories, big and small.

In this journey, we will save money, reduce waste, reuse and convert what we already have, get creative and active! I am not advocating homesteading, going off-grid, etc.  I am practical, and, well…and I like nice things. There, I said it.  However, there is a balance, and this is the journey to find it! And while I have no limit of respect for zero waste living, it’s not going to happen this year…or even in the next five years, or ever, really. But I do believe that we each have a responsibility to look around us, take stock of our lives, be accountable and do better. So this blog chronicles my intention and attention to doing better, improving me and improving my life.  Please join me.


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