Orange you glad?


The guide to the whole orange:

1) Take one orange. With a regular ol’ potato peeler, take thin slices of peel off orange. Sure you can use a zester or grater, but it’s a lot more work. You do not want to get down to white of the orange, or pith. Lay peel out in single layer to dry completely. This is a quick process, and is ready when it crumbles.

2) Take remaining peel. And throw down garbage disposal. Works as great, natural cleaner and deodorizer. Sometimes I throw the peel into a jar with vinegar first for a few days and then I toss down disposal. Vinegary orange peel is twice as nice.

3) Take orange segments. Eat them.

Uses for peel: potpourri , addition to tea leaf, baking and cooking, and flavoring oils and vinegars.

Clearly all of the above should work for most citrus, though the thinner the peel, the more gentle you have to be to avoid the pith.


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