Listen Up

You’ve heard of this thing called YouTube, right? You can watch videos on anything–from open heart surgery to making mittens for your chihuahua. Literally anything. Need to perform emergency surgery on your Gold fish? Yes. YouTube even has a video for that. Multiple videos, actually. Need to hang drywall? YouTube will make you think you’re a pro after a 2 minute tutorial. Luckily, there are videos on how to hire a real contractor for when you screw up the job.

Did you also know that YouTube is a great resource for free Audiobooks? You need to explore this immediately. However, the one book that you need to listen to before you listen to anything else is The Millionare Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. Some of the analogies and references are a bit outdated–hey, the book was released in 1998, after all. But the basic message still rings loud and clear. You must listen. The book is eye-opening, even if you already know or think you know what this book is about. You’ll want to listen to it multiple times. And the beautiful thing is that you can. You won’t have to return it, you’re not on a time line to hear it, and you can hear it anywhere you can get YouTube, i.e. your smart phone, smart pad, computer, etc. Soon enough, you’ll be walking around telling people, “I only drink two types of beer, Free and Budweiser.” You’ll get that after you “read” the book.

So, click on this link to The Millionare Next Door Audiobook on YouTube and find the key to wealth…for free. If YouTube is not an option for you, don’t forget to check out your local library for the actual book or audiobook.


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