A crafting Quickie!

This project is so quick and easy you’ll want to start decorating everything. It’s really addictive! I started with a set of three dingy votive holders that held remnants of wax and soot. Cleaning them out was surprisingly easy. I just scrubbed under hot water with dish soap for a bit. And voila!

20130916-193151.jpg You get a nice clean surface to start off with. This is important because even though you’ll be putting a covering on the outside, glass happens to be see-through. Other than the votive (or other glass container), you need tissue paper, a brush and glue (yep, regular old elmer’s school glue is fine–and super cheap right about now). You don’t need to buy modge podge or make it from flour and stuff. Just get plain, white school glue.

So here is the easy tutorial. It practically writes itself.

1) Grab your soon-to-be-fabulous-but-currently-plain-and-boring glass container. Grab your glue and put it in a small, shallow bowl. I added a few drops of water to make it a bit easier to spread.
2) Measure your tissue paper to cover the surface. You can spend a lot of time actually measuring the paper, but this is too much effort! You can always fix it later (as long as it’s too big. If it’s too small, you are screwed).
3) Spread a layer of glue onto the glass and start to apply the tissue. Caution: do not manipulate the tissue paper too much, it will tear! And it’s tricky to patch up because it is pretty obvious where you’ve doubled up. 20130916-193207.jpg
4) After you’ve applied your layer of tissue, apply another layer of glue to the outside. Be generous. You are sealing it in.
5) Let dry for many hours. In the end, it looks like a cool frosted design. Here is the final product. a href=”https://lifeimproveddotorg.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/20130916-200604.jpg”>20130916-200604.jpg
And what’s really great about this is if you get sick of it, you can just let it soak in water and start all over again. This project is perfect for changing seasonal home decor or decorating for special occasions.


2 responses to “A crafting Quickie!

  1. Love the look of that 🙂

  2. sedrate organizes

    You’re right, I want to go start decorating everything.

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