The Big Time!

I promise to do a real post shortly, but I just wanted to let my readers know that the very popular site “Get Rich Slowly” published an article of mine today! I am  excited (and totally ignoring comments 21-24).  Follow the link below to check out the story:

And while a bit more subtle, I am taking props for next “shout out” too.  A few months back when I wrote the article about making a natural all-purpose cleaner, I linked to this great article on the website, “Going Green with a Bronner Mom“.   After stumbling across the site when doing research for green cleaning products, Lisa Bronner instantly became one of my eco-heroes. I posted on her site and she replied!  So here goes…are you ready for me to totally over-exagerate credit due?

My Comment:

“Hi Lisa–this article was the one that kept me coming back for more! Love your site. I hope you don’t mind I referred and linked to it in my article.”

Lisa’s Reply

“Carolina – Thank you for the link! You have a great article there.”

And while we are on the subject, let’s support each other! I mean, if you have a blog, clearly you want other people to read it (otherwise it would just be a journal–or a diary if you’re 12).  I would be happy to consider your posts or ideas for my blog.  And it goes without being said, that if you like an article of mine, feel free to provide a link and re-post it! Feel free to put it on FaceBook, Pinterest, etc.  And of course, you can always leave a (nice) comment.


2 responses to “The Big Time!

  1. sedrate organizes

    Congratulations! And it’s a good article.

  2. I’m so proud of you!

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