Extra, Extra, Eat all about it!

Every year I tend to my gardens–some years better than others. I have beds of annual and perennial herbs and flowers, and two raised vegetable garden beds–with plans to add more! There are just two of us and we and we haven’t quite mastered the art of preserving food. Oh sure, I dry some herbs and freeze some fruits and veggies, but mostly we pick as we need to use it. And I find myself wondering “What the heck am I going to do with all of those beets!” And “does anyone need bunches and bunches of sage. Since my compost bin has not actually yielded any compost, I am still at the stage that I feel wasteful sending my edible garden waste to their unproductive demise. So it was with glee that I saw this flyer.

What a great idea! I am so excited about this and can’t wait to see what I come home with. Why don’t all communities do this? In fact, this isn’t quite my community and I am going to see who I need to talk to about this to get one in my own park district. I’ll make sure to post after I go the first time and let you know if there is any progress with getting one established in my own community.

Please share if your community has creative and economical ways to get not only people to eat better, but like-minded people to get together.


3 responses to “Extra, Extra, Eat all about it!

  1. I have more limes and lemons than I know what to do with. I’ve been bringing them to work in baskets and others bring their baskets with grapefruits, figs, oranges, and whatever they grow. It’s a great way to trade and not let anything go to waste. My friend with a fig tree went above and beyond and told us if we bring her a jar she would make fig jam for us. Delicious!

    • Oooh. I guess I need to make more friends! Have you tried to make lemon curd? And don’t forget pisco sours!

      • I haven’t tried making any desserts because I didn’t know of anything that required large amounts of lemon or limes. But I will look up some recipes…And possibly tell friends I will make them something if they bring me a jar 😉

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