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Twelve Posts of Christmas–Take a Bough

Let’s get out into nature and bring in some holiday cheer. With just a bit of effort and ingenuity, you can make a gorgeous evergreen bough for free.

What you will need: one wire hanger, twine or twist ties or thin gauge wire, evergreen snippets. And some ribbon and maybe some ornaments for those finishing touches. 20131214-170855.jpg



Step 1) take your wire hanger and pull the bottom part straight down from the middle. Straighten the sides so they don’t jut as much. Take your hook and bend down until it forms a loop.


Step 2) take some glue and wrap thin ribbon or thick twine around the loop. Let dry.
Step 3) go outside. Find your spruces and your pines and your firs. Even your hollies. Cut some parts about four-five inches long. Careful to take small snips from each plant so you don’t defrock one entirely.

Step 4) starting at the bottom of the metal piece. Begin to layer your evergreen pieces, like shingles. Secure each piece separately before covering it with the next piece. You want the two sides to touch (no gap in the middle) but you can make adjustments as you go. Use your creativity and use your winter berries and twigs and birch bark, etc. Whatever you find in your yard. 20131214-171215.jpg


Step 5) as you near the top, make sure your last piece is secured a little higher than the hanger end (so that it covers the loop slightly).

Step 6) to finish, tie a large bow or cluster of ornaments at the top.

Step 7) hang from on high and enjoy!